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Certified Key Performance Indicators Specialist

Program Scope

The KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effective a company is in achieving its key objectives. Companies use KPIs at multiple levels to assess their success in reaching key targets that have been defined, accordingly KPIs may be established at the overall company level or at the level of departments and finally may use for individuals, so that KPIs can convert goals into formulas that can be measured digitally and as is known what cannot be measured cannot be managed.

This training program aims to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants in how to formulate and develop key performance indicators for companies in general and for departments and sections and all individuals working so that these indicators are linked to the main objectives of the company and thus the ability of the company to track its ability to achieve its annual strategic goals.

Program Outline

Definitions of Key Performance Indicators

  • The concept of Key Performance Indicators
  • Performance Measurement Tools
  • List of Terminologies used in building Key Performance Indicators
  • Key elements of Key Performance Indicators
  • The three levels of Key Performance Indicators
  • Characteristics of Key Performance Indicators
  • Reasons for using Key Performance Indicators

Designing Key Performance Indicators

  • Areas to evaluate performance
  • Steps in evaluating performance
  • Selection of best Key Performance Indicator
  • Types of Key Performance Indicators
  • Difficulties and challenges in developing Key Performance Indicators
  • Key performance Indicators – Designing methodology

The relationship between KPIs and Strategies

  • Strategies and its relation with Key Performance Indicators
  • Companies Vision and Mission
  • Link Strategic Objectives with Key Performance Indicators
  • Derive KPIs from company Strategies

Benchmark Comparisons

  • The concept of Benchmark comparison
  • Features of Benchmark Comparison
  • The importance of Benchmark
  • Steps for effective Benchmarking
  • The relationship between KPIs and Benchmark Comparison
  • Most common errors in applying Benchmark Comparison

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