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Human Resources Applications under Laws and Regulations

Program Scope

Identify the legal legislations of laws, regulations, for the Jordanian Labor Law, the Social Security Law and the Income Tax Law, which regulate the functions of the Human Resources Department in companies and its relationship with the internal bodies (employees and owners of companies) and external bodies. (Ministry of Labor, Social Security, Income and Sales Tax Department), to protect the rights of the company and its employees and reduce the risks of non-compliance with the laws and regulations.

Program Outline

Social Security Law

  • Understand the concept, importance and pillars of Social Security law and its amendments.
  • Understand the implications of Social Security law on the applications of human resources management.
  • Categories that are covered and\or not covered by the applicable Social Security Law.
  • Identify the included Compensation & Benefits under Social Security Law and the calculation mechanism.
  • Practical implementations on calculating monthly contributions and the mechanism of calculating interest and new fines.
  • Old-Age: concept, calculation and conditions.
  • Disability, Death Insurance: concept, calculation and conditions.
  • Compensation of one payment / double subscription / combination of previous years.
  • Voluntary Signing up in Social Security.
  • Work Injuries and occupational Disease (concept, calculation and conditions).
  • Maternity Insurance (concept, calculation and conditions).
  • Unemployment Insurance (concept, calculation and conditions).

Labor Law

  • Understand the concept, importance and pillars of Labor Law and its amendments.
  • Implications of Labor law on HR functions.
  • Employment Contracts and its implications.
  • Employer (Obligations and Rights)
  • Workers (Obligations and Rights)
  • Wages and equal opportunities.
  • Equity in wages
  • Working hours and breaks
  • Rest Periods
  • Over time and calculation mechanism.
  • Annual Leaves (Entitlement, yearly balance)
  • Employment Records (Employee records, other records)
  • Internal Bylaws
  • work violations, penalties and measures taken in respect thereof including the discharge from work
  • Juvenile (concept and conditions).
  • Arbitrary dismissal
  • Precautions, safety, occupational health

Income Tax Law

  • Understand the concept, importance and pillars of Income Tax Law and its amendments.
  • Objectives
  • Tax Estimates.
  • Exempt wages
  • Family and personal wage exemption.
  • Monthly and yearly calculations.
  • Used forms.

Salient Features

Duration4 Days
Hours4 Hours\Day

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